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Veterinary Services in Jefferson, GA, routine wellness exams

We Treat Your Pets Like They’re Our Own

Shannon Veterinary Services offers a wide variety of treatments and services to ensure your pet is healthy and happy! We strive to provide the most outstanding pet health care throughout Jefferson, GA, and surrounding communities. We look forward to treating your family pets!

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Our Services Include:

Routine Wellness Examinations

Keep track of the health of your pet with routine wellness examinations and medical treatments. The team at Shannon Veterinary Services wants our patients to live long, fulfilled, healthy lives. One of the best steps an owner can take is yearly checkups to ensure that your pet is healthy, diagnose early detection of disease, and treat accordingly.

Routine & Specialty Surgical Procedures

If your pet is in need of a routine or specialty surgery, you want vets you can trust. Serving Jefferson, GA, and surrounding areas, Shannon Veterinary Services performs surgeries for our patients. If this treatment is needed, our experienced, skillful team will provide your pet with the care it needs.

Digital X-Ray Services

If your pet isn’t feeling well, a diagnostic tool we use is our digital x-ray services. These provide our veterinarians with vital information regarding your pet’s tissues, organs, bones and identifying possible foreign objects such as items swallowed or bladder stones.

Laser Therapy

If your pet requires pain management, whether to heal a wound, alleviate chronic pain, or reduce inflammation, look towards laser therapy. Our laser therapy services utilize light waves to cause an alteration of cellular and tissue physiology. This therapy helps ease pain by activating cells to promote growth, proliferation, migration, and repair.

Dental Care & Procedures

Keep your pets’ teeth healthy with Shannon Veterinary Services dental care services. Avoid periodontal problems, discomfort, bad breath, and possible dental procedures with routine dental care. Our team of skilled, experienced veterinarians and veterinary technicians are ready to give your furry friend pearly whites!


Ultrasounds are a fantastic diagnostic tool that can detect pregnancy, foreign bodies, cardiac function, and more for your pet. As a non-invasive procedure, it requires no medication or anesthesia, making it affordable as well.


If your pet is experiencing joint problems, bone issues or disease, or broken bones, call 706-367-1198 to speak to the staff at Shannon Veterinary Services today. Some problems may require surgery, while others may need medications and different therapies. We want your pet to be comfortable and happy.

In-House & Reference Lab Work

Shannon Veterinary Services offers in-house and reference lab work services to all of our patients. These tests help provide our clinic with diagnosis, treatment options, prevention, and monitoring of animal diseases. We want to ensure that your pet is healthy!

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